Southern Dent Trials Recap

The Southern Dent Trials, held on September 24, 2022, was a testament to the artistry and precision of dent repair. This unique competition took place at Anson’s warehouse in Burleson, Texas, transforming the legendary tool store into a battleground for the most skilled dent repair technicians in the region.

The competition was far from a trivial event. It was a rigorous test of skill, speed, and precision, where contestants were tasked with repairing three specific types of dents: a crease dent in the fender, a round dent in the door, and a glue pull dent on the rail. Each participant was given a strict time limit of 90 minutes to complete these tasks, a challenge that demanded not only technical proficiency but also exceptional time management and strategic planning.

The trials were a spectacle of concentration and craftsmanship, as each technician meticulously worked to restore the damaged vehicles to their original condition. The air was thick with anticipation and the sound of tools at work, as each participant vied for the top spot.

Emerging victorious from this intense competition was Zan Vidic, who demonstrated an unparalleled level of skill and precision in dent repair. His performance was a masterclass in the art of dent removal, earning him the well-deserved first place. Not far behind was Manny Lopez, whose commendable proficiency secured him the second position. Both competitors showcased their exceptional abilities, setting a high standard for future competitions.

In a delightful twist to the day, the participants and spectators were treated to a surprise lunch featuring 30″ pizzas from Moontower Pizza. This unexpected treat added a layer of camaraderie and community to the event, allowing everyone to bond over their shared passion for dent repair and giant slices of pizza. The Southern Dent Trials of 2022 was not just a competition, but a celebration of skill, community, and the unexpected joys that can come from the most unusual places.