Keynote with
Renny Doyle

Thursday, 4:00 PM
After Education Day

“Make Yourself Unbeatable”
Renny Doyle, Detailing Success

Education Day

Thursday, January 26, 2023


  • Session TBA

  • Attracting More Customers and Closing Sales

    Presented by: Greg Natonson and Jason Otterness, Chicago Auto Pros Detailing

    The biggest challenge most shops face is how to get customers to pick up the phone and inquire about services. Greg and Jason will share the marketing and sales secrets they used to grow their business into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

  • How To Sell Value and Not Your Service (En Español)

    Presented by: Juan Gonzalez, The Rag Company

    Cómo vender valor y no tu servicio – La clave del éxito de cualquier negocio es aprender a crear valor. – For the Spanish Speaking community, learn how to create value, how to approach a potential client, how to rebut customer complaints and create a sale.

  • Romancing the Sale: Ignite High Tickets and Soaring Margins

    Presented by: Christorpher Racana, Dr. Beasley’s

    Selling is Listening. Discover how to determine customers’ wants, needs and pain points in order to make the client’s life better and make them a customer for life.

  • The Secret to Finding, Hiring & Keeping Great Employees

    Presented by: Jason Barker, Automotive Profits Academy

    There’s a secret to finding and hiring your dream employees and keeping them motivated and enthusiastic. Trasures from this session include how to write a help-wanted ad to attract the best applicants, how to interview, spot the “bad eggs” and hire the real-deal applicants.

  • Prioritizing Profits

    Presented by: Marcy and Alex Tran, Clean Car Custom Detail

    Accounting makes everyone groan! Find out how to cover the fallacy of GAP accounting and flip it upside down to change your outlook on budgeting and proper self pay.

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  • Guide to Successful Growth Marketing

    Presented by: Mary Toledo, Dent Time

    Do you have a plan for growth marketing? Learn from a pro how their shop plans for growth through expert marketing.

  • Your Network is Your Networth

    Presented by: Kenya Williams, I Shine for You Auto Detailing

    Networking is a competitive skill designed to identify companies’ networth. This session will introduce networking standards, concepts and methods. Discover how to gain key information from your current clients who share the same passions. Find out how to measure “network” based on your clients cars, careers, family history and lifestyle. From there, you can gain “Networth” for your business.

  • Sell on Ebay and Boost your Revenue

    Presented by: Paul Apollonia

    This real time session will teach you how to enhance your listings with better descriptions and photography, monitor sales to know what’s working and what’s not, and learn how to avoid costly mistakes that new eBay sellers make. Bring your laptop or tablet, have your eBay account ready for a hands-on session which will give your sales a jump! Taught by a certified eBay trainer for over 10 years.

  • Mastermind Marketing Strategy:  Without A Website, You Don’t Exist!

    Presented by: Karl Stearns, KMS Marketing Solutions

    Today’s connected consumers have come to expect availability of information from businesses they wish to deal with. Without a well-designed website, the digital world does not know you exist. This session will show you simple ways to define your “brand”, create a logo, and get a website up and running at an affordable cost. Yes, you can have a good website with a few hours work, without spending thousands!

  • Mastermind Marketing Strategy: Utilizing Digital Marketing to Build Business

    Presented by: Karl Stearns, KMS Marketing Solutions

    Gaining and retaining customers is the lifeblood of your business. Digital marketing: Social media, video, email and now SMS marketing are vital tools in your arsenal. This session will cover some of what is available and show you how to build your marketing strategy around tools that work.

  • Edit TikTok Like a Pro

    Presented by: Myke Toledo, Dent Time

    Not a lecture, but a hands-on course! Bring your ipad or your laptop and learn to use the fastest growing social media platform for businesses.


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  • USB Power, the Next Level of Power in the PDR industry

    Presented by: Allen Wilson, Wilson PDR

    Venture through the history of remote ower over the last decade and look to the currently available power options adapted by the PDR Industry. Watch a demo of power draw of various PDR devices. Learn how to calculate how long your battery should last and to prolong usage times. Get ahead by understanding the options in the market place and life expectancy to make your business efficient.

  • Large Damage and Glue Pulling Best Practices

    Presented by: Gene Fetty, Keco Body Repair Products

    Learn how to use modern glue pulling tools, tabs and techniques to make the best possible, least invasive repairs possible.

  • The Future of Hail Claims Management

    Presented by: Bill Park,

    A look at Claims Management Today and what it will look like tomorrow. Put yourself in the path of progress.

  • PDR Movement Dynamics

    Presented by: Luke Carmen, Cool Hand Dent Repair

    Stretch and Move to increase your productivity while on the job. Be prepared to get up and shift your body.

  • Session TBA

    Presented by NAPDRT

  • Session TBA

    Presented by NAPDRT

Technology/Product Talks

  • Leather Color Mixing

    Presented by: Lars Pickhardt, Lederzentrum GmbH-Colourlock

    Basics, knowledge and simple tricks and tips.

  • Microfiber 101

    Presented by: Levi Gates, The Rag Company

    Compare the differences in various microfiber towels and their uses. This overlooked tool will help take your detailing to the next level.

  • Paint Chip Repair – Added Revenue Source for the Entire Industry

    Presented by: Tony Pando, Dr. Colorchip

    Whether you are a detailer or a PDR tech, join this session to discover paint chip repair, how to add this service to your business and monetize it.

  • Vegan Leather? Now What?

    Presented by: Lars Pickhardt, Lederzentrum GmbH-Colourlock

    What is Vegan Leather, how is it recognized, how can it be cleaned, protected and repaired? Discover the next hot product on the market and how you can become an expert.

  • Introduction to PCR – Paintless Clearcoat Repair

    Presented by: Nicholas Vaandering, RestorFX Automotive

    PCR is the fastest-growing reconditioning service in the business. Find out how this is changing the way the industry is changing the way to look at the restoration and reconditioning of automotive clear coat.

  • Introduction to Paint Protection

    Presented by: Jody Knight, Maxpro Film

    What is paint protection and how can you make it a bottom line booster? At this session from Maxpro Film you’ll find out the benefits as well as a hands-on demonstration, so you can make a profit in your business.

  • Introduction to Window Tint

    Presented by: Jody Knight, Maxpro Film

    Using Maxpro Window Films catch all the tips on how to promote, market and get all the benefits of Window Tinting. This hands-on session will give you another profit center to consider in growing your business.


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