Education Day

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Business & Marketing Sessions

Business & Marketing 1

  • Efficiency Breeds Quality

    Yvan Lacroix (Detailers Business Academy)

    In this seminar we will explore the relationship between high efficiency and high quality. Subjects covered will be eddiciency mindset, creating and implementing SOP’s and training employees.

  • Marketing Yourself and your Company

    Presented by Joel LaPalme (IGL Coatings)

    How to market short term and long term for your business.

  • Social Media – We Love To Hate It, But It Works So Well

    Presented by Gina Calhoun (Cleanpro Motorsports)

    I will go over key things you have to do in social media, why social media is so important and tricks to generate followers, likes and leads.

  • Unlocking Success: The Chaos-Busting Owner's Manual for Streamlined Operations

    Presented by Karl Stearns (KMS Marketing Solutions)

    Join Karl M. Stearns, aurthor of “The Business Owner’s Owners Manual” and learn how to unleash chaos-busting strategies to turn your business into a powerhouse of success.

  • Finding the Exit Ramp

    Presented by Karl Stearns (KMS Marketing Solutions)

    Selling your business or passing it to the next generation requires careful strategic planning. Don’t just walk away! Find out how you can successfully transition in this session presented by Karl M. Sterns, author of “Finding the Exit Ramp”.

  • Boss Like a Woman

    Presented by Christine Morden (Finish Line Detailing & Coatings)

    Owning/running a business in a male-dominated industry comes with a unique set of challenges and adversitiess, but it also has some perks. In this course I will break down my experiences and how I truned many of the challenges we face as women business owners into success stories.

  • Cut Your Lo$$es and Stop the Financial Bleeding!

    Presented by Ron Kronon (Autoflex)

    Recover from all the work you have been giving away for free to the insurance companies.

Business & Marketing 2

  • Get Discovered & Create Demand: Generate the Right Leads with an SEO-rich Website

    Presented by Chris DiGiovanni & Kevin Davis

    In this session, Chris will discuss the importance and value of a website and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so your business can become more discoverable online. In addition, will go over the ability to prequalify your customers so that you create a demand generation vs. lead generation so you have people clamoring for your services.

  • Strategies to Win in a Challenging Economy

    Presented by Tom Shay (Profits Plus Solutions)

    Yes, there is plenty of doom and gloom through out all the media, And as the media interviews individuals and businesses, they can find plenty that are screaming, “the sky is falling”. We can’t change what these people are saying, but we can control what happens in our business. During this session, Tom will outline what to do, what not to do and what to stop doing. Tom will share 10 key points of what each of us should be watching in our small business.

  • Switch to an AMMO System Before It's Too Late (AI Managed Marketing Optimization System)

    Presented by Tanner Lycock (Zeeties/Turbos)

    In this course you will learn both the necessary ingredients to convert high-ticket customers on your services, by creating high-ticket marketing campains, and how AI can help convert those leads into paying customers without having to lift finger. Discover how paid advertisement + AI will be the great equalizer in business, and why it’s necessary to get on the Ai train before it’s too late

  • When AI Is and Isn't IT

    Presented by Tom Shay (Profits Plus Solutions)

    Doing things “the same way we always have” is detrimental to your business. Innovations has been key to growing small businesses for decades, helping them compete against larger retailers and thrive in difficult economic environments. We’ll show you the value of embracing new technology and techniques, with real-world examples from the past to show you the future. There are many components/opportunities with ChatGPT, which was introduced in 2022; we will cover them all.

  • The Top Marketing Trends of 2023-2024

    Presented by Mary Toledo (Dent Time)

    Always stay ahead of the curve with the most important marketing trends.

  • Social Media 101

    Presented by Myke Toledo (Dent Time)

    This session provides the fundamentals of social media for beginners to include platforms, topics, design and the creation process.

  • 5x Critical Elements to Running an Auto Business

    Presented by Harrison Lingard (Fieldd)

    How to clone yourself through repeatable processes, how to hire great staff, how to reduce and handle customer complaints, marketing GOLD, and supercharging your efforts with tech.

Detailing Sessions

Detailing 1

  • Coffee, Coatings, and Profits

    Presented by Renny Doyle (Detailing Success)

  • Becoming a Million Dollar Detail Shop

    Presented by Dustin Jackson (Detail Bookie)

    As a Million Dollar Detail Shop owner, Dustin Jackson shares all the tips & Tricks that has helped him get his business to where it is today. Attendees are able to ask questions and get personalized feedback on how they can begin their journey to becoming one of the leading detailers in the nation

  • Advanced Ceramic Coating Sales

    Presented by Yvan Lacroix & Christine Morden (Detailers Business Academy)

    How to build your own brand independent of the ceramic coating you use. Breaking up the unhealthy relationship that many ceramic detailers have with their coating suppliers. Concentrating on your brand and customers without selling the coating brand will elevate you in the market.

  • Microfiber

    Presented by Levi Gates (The Rag Company)

    Learn how to perfectly use microfiber in your business. It’s not as expensive as you think! In this class you will learn all about GSM, blends, weaves, and everything you need to know about Microfiber.

  • Is the Price Right?

    Presented by Dustin Jackson (Detail Bookie)

    As a Detailer himself, Dustin Jackson walks through effective pricing strategies with detailers who are still trying to determine whether they are over/under pricing their services. Attendees are able to ask qustions and get one-on-one feedback.

  • Transitioning from Mobile Detailing to a Fixed Location

    Presented by Christian Camurovski (Cameruski’s Auto Detailing LLC)

    This course will give mobile detailers an insight on things to consider when transition into a fixed location.

  • Building Financial Freedom and Independence into Your Life and Business.

    Presented by Renny Doyle (Detailing Success)

Detailing 2

  • Ask a Pro with Justin & Robyn

    Presented by Justin Labato & Robyn Sweet (Autogeek)

    This class will be an open floor for anyone that wants to ask 2 of some of the most veteran detailers in the business. Business, product, marketing, or anything else you may think of, feel free to ask the professionals their take on anything and everything in the industry!

  • Refining Your Brand: Self-Promotion Strategies for Detailing Excellence

    Presented by Robyn Sweet (Autogeek), Sarah Coleman (RUPES), and Sydni Brae Gwinn (P&S)

    In this open floor conversation, this class will teach you how to think outside the box and self promote you and your business to become successful in the detailing world by getting you out of your comfort zone.

  • Product Spotlight: A Deep Dive into New Product Releases

    Presented by Robyn Sweet (Autogeek)

    Everyone wants what’s new and upcoming so they can be one swirl ahead of their competition. In this class, Robyn Sweet and some of her favorite product manufacturers take the stage to talk about new releases and how she uses them to exceed excellence!

  • How to Add Wheel Repair to Your Business Model

    Presented by Rick Hynes – Wheel Restore USA

    This presentation is designed to assist anyone in the detailing or PDR sector with adding another income stream to their program.

  • The Future of Paint Correction is Already Here!  Don’t Stay Stuck in the Past!

    Presented by Mike Phillips (Dr. Beasley’s)

    Just like electric cars are replacing fossil fuel cars, conventional, old-school organic products are being replaced with inorganic technology. The benefit is inorganic technology makes every step in the car detailing process cleaner and more effective while reducing time, labor, and steps. In this class, Mike Phillips will demonstrate and explain how to leave past technologies behind and be more successful in the future.

  • Topical & Sub-Surface Glass Polishing – Make More Money for Each Car You Detail!

    Presented by Mike Phillips (Dr. Beasley’s)

    Most daily drivers older than 1 or 2 years need topical glass polishing to remove traffic film, water spots, chemical fallout build-up and drizzle stains. After 3 or 4 years on the road, most cars need sub-surface glass polishing to remove swirls, scratches, wiper marks and tiny pits. In this class, Mike Phillips will teach you everything you need to know to do both topical and sub-surface glass polishing safely and in the most time-efficient manner. After you take this class you can immediately add glass polishing to your menu of detailing services to increase profits for each job while making your customer’s car safer to drive and aesthetically more beautiful.

  • How to Become the Recognized Detailing Expert in Your Hometown

    Presented by Mike Phillips (Dr. Beasley’s)

    Make more money, get more referrals, and fill your schedule with cool cars and new cars. In this class I will show you the simple technique I used to break into the cool car detailing world and get more customers via word-of-mouth advertising. Besides sharing the secret to my detailing success, just as important – I share with you the absolute wrong approach that most people try… and then fail at, never knowing why. Knowing WHAT to do is just as important as knowing what NOT to do and you will learn this in this incredibly popular class.

Detailing by IDA

Detailing by IDA

  • Importance of Education and Certifications

    Presented by Trey Scott

    Trey Scott – Importance of Education and Certifications- It can be daunting to add services to your brick and mortar, especially when your shop is known for just one thing. I would like to share my journey of just doing strictly paintless dent repair and hail repair and expanding into detailing and ceramic coatings. This includes the processes that have been successful (hiring the right people, communication with customers and staff, setting the right expectations for each job). Helpful tips and tricks and sharing my own insight and experience. I have been in the Paintless Dent Repair industry for over 20 years and started going to MTE very early on. I have been everything from a spectator to a vendor to a dent olympics coordinator. I am hoping to help be a bridge between the PDR and detailing communities. – Communication with customers – Hiring and Firing staff – Community involvement – Certifications and why they are important

  • Are you Leading or Managing?

    Presented by Barry E. Theal

    Learning to capitalize on your character traits is an important factor in business. Let’s find out who you are. – Find out if you’re a leader or manager – How to capitalize on your strengths – Gaining confidence to improve on all aspects of business

  • Increase Revenue with a Product Needed to Complete a Detail

    Presented by Tony Pando, Dr. Colorchip

    Being proactive, forward thinking and aware of the opportunities of sales, customer service and added revenue. Paint chip, scratch repair is needed on 90% of all vehicles. Many ways to add on to the sale, make customers love you or develop new relationships. An opportunity to “skin the cat” at car shows, club event, retail customers, auto spas, or dealerships. – Add on sales – Finish the detail – Make customers happy

  • Los malos habitos que nos llevan al fracaso, como reconocerlos y evitarlos.

    Presented by Juan Gonzalez

    Discutiremos las fallas mas comunes para que puedas identificarlas. Aprenderas a implementar cambios que redireccionaran tu negocio. – Identificar fallas – Implementar cambios sostenidos – Monetizar el cambio usandolo como herramienta de exito

  • Advanced Stain Removal – Understanding Stains

    Presented by Tyler Cucchi

    During this session we will review multiple proper methods to tackle all the stains we may find inside a vehicle and also how to approach stains that we just don’t know what they are. – Identifying stains – Identifying how to not set stains – Identifying how to properly remove stains of any kind



  • The Business of Motorcycle Detailing

    Presented by Roman Jimenez

    How to successfully add motorcycle detailing to your current detailing business, the importance of developing local networking partners, and how to connect with bikers for this new opportunity.

  • Make More Money with Technology in the Detailing Industry, Why You Need It

    Presented by Rod Puzey, RestorFX & Dustin Jackson, Detail Bookie

    Joint presentation with Rod Puzeyand Dustin Jackson from Detail Bookie on technology. – What is technology? – How can it make me money? – How do I get it?

  • The 3 Who's of Annual Planning

    Presented by Brent Mathieson

    Do you want to bring in more of the work that you enjoy without risking the revenue that keeps my business afloat? Do you want to attract clients that are enjoyable to work with because they see the value of your work? Do you want to clearly identify your core competitors, and successfully win more of the work you enjoy doing with clients that are a pleasure to work with? If so, this is the class for you! – Do more work you love to do – Serve more clients that see the value of your offerings – Compete more effectively in your marketplace

  • Stuff You Don't Know That You Need to be Doing Right Now!

    Presented by Greg Natonson & Jason Otterness

    Most detailers are so focused on advancing their skills that they forget to do the other imprtant things required to run a successful business. There are probably several easy things that you need to be doing today that you are missing! Ensure you are successful tomorrow by learning these simple tricks. Join Greg and Jason as they share the secrets they learned while growing Chicago Auto Pros Detailing into the successful business it is today.

Pads, Paint, and Profits

Pads, Paint, and Profits

  • Polishing Pads – The Pro’s and Con’s of Wool, Microfiber, and Foam Polishing Pads

    Presented by Todd Helme (RUPES)

    This 40-minute class covers the advantages and disadvantages of the most common polishing pad types so users can get better results.

  • Polishing Pads – The Pro’s and Con’s of Wool, Microfiber, and Foam Polishing Pads

    Presented by Todd Helme (RUPES)

    This 40-minute class covers the advantages and disadvantages of the most common polishing pad types so users can get better results.

  • Boat Detailing For Auto Detailers

    Presented by Todd Helme (RUPES)

    This class explores the differences between typical automotive detailing and boat detailing; Ideal for auto detailers looking to expand their markets.

  • Good, Better, Best – A Stratified Approach to Paint Correction

    Presented by Todd Helme (RUPES)

    Tiered pricing has been a successful strategy since humans started exchanging goods and services for money. This is RUPES’ strategy on incorporating tiered pricing into your paint correction.

  • RUPES Open Table – Navigating Chaos, Mastering Efficiency: Unleashing Order in the Midst of Disorder

    Presented by RUPES

    Join our diverse group of detailers for an exclusive panel session. We’re diving deep into the art of detailing, pulling back the curtain to reveal the strategies these pros use to not just survive but thrive in the chaos.

  • Wet/Dry Sanding Techniques

    Presented by Kelly Harris, Andy Cool, Scott Voelz – Lake Country Mfg.

  • Marine Polishing

    Presented by Kelly Harris, Andy Cool, Scott Voelz – Lake Country Mfg.

  • Why Use a Detailometer?

    Presented by Darryl Case – Rhopoint Americas

    Quantify and Document your Automotive Paint Detailing.

PDR Sessions


  • Motorcycle PDR, Marketing, Setup Tips, and Repair Processes

    Presented by Tory Jenkins, Stephen Hamby, Daniel Gromm (MPDR WORLD)

    The course will consist of the 3 speakers going over repair processes and mounting options. How to market MPDR with your regular PDR business. We will also have video presentation as well as 2 displays of MPDR tanks and vise setups.

  • Advanced PDR Techniques and Tools

    Presented by Tomas Stankevicius & Stanliner Team

  • Take a Deep Dive into Glue Pull Repair

    Presented by Gene Fetty (Automotive Appearance Institute)

    From smashes, to advanced finishing techniques.

  • The Shop Owners Roundtable

    Presented by Chris Ray, Cory Kleinfeldt, Gene Fetty, & Matt Moore


  • NAPDRT Session TBA

  • NAPDRT Session TBA

  • NAPDRT Session TBA

  • NAPDRT Session TBA

  • NAPDRT Session TBA

  • NAPDRT Session TBA

  • The Importance of "Tension" in the Glue Repair Process

    Presented by Jonathan Vandenfontyne & Mike Grady (JVF Tools & NJ Ding King)

    Learn the advantages of using “constant tension” in the larger dent repair process and what we have learned with other technicians.

  • How to Succeed Before, During and After a Hail Event

    Presented by Dan Ontrop (PDR Contractors)

    Learn how to increase your exposure and revenue by leveraging the PDR Contractors network.

  • Session TBA

  • Session TBA

Tools of the Trade Sessions

Tools of the Trade

  • Paint Chip Repair for the PDR and Detail Professional

    Presented by Tony Pando (Dr. Colorchip) & Ryan Shutt (RPS Dent Repair)

    How to add services with ease and increase incremental profits after dent repairs or prior to PPF and ceramics. 90% of vehicles have stone chips, scratches and door chips. Finish the detail or complete the repair!

  • RestorFX Paintless Clearcoat Repair

    Presented by Alex Kay (RestorFX)

    An introduction to RestorFX as a product, a brand and a business.

  • Leather Identification & How to Repair It

    Presented by Richard and Carolynn Hutchins (Leather Repair Company)

    Leather is a sustainable product and we manufacture a huge range of eco friendly products that are safe for you and your client. We will show you the basics of repairs for you to add to your business, without a costly outlay. we can not only teach you repairs and the mose important part – Leather ID. Increase your profits, open new income streams and tap into new markets. We have an outstanding mentorship to gude your new future to full success.

  • How to Increase your Bottom Line by Adding Leather Repairs to your Business

    Presented by Ram Iyer (Geist. Leathercare)

    Most detailers either outsource leather repairs or just don’t offer the service to their clients. Leather Repair is a completely different skillset but adding basic services to begin with can help set you set yourself apart from competition and represents a great value add for clients. We’ll show you how to add basic services which do not require a great deal of learning and using safe to use products and increase revenue.

  • Color Mixing for Leather & Vinyl Repair

    Presented by Lars Pickhardt & Brian Guy (Colourlock)

    Mixing color – whether for leather or vinyl is the biggest challenge in a leather repair. In this course we explain how easy it is to teach.

  • Industrial/Commercial Coatings

    Presented by Joel LaPalme (IGL Coatings)

    How they will elevate your business to another level.

  • Winning with Workflow: Next Level Processes for Next Level PDR Businesses

    Presented by Noah Hebert & Paul Kordon (Dent Ops)

    Step into the fast lane of business success with ‘Winning with Workflow: Next Level Processes for Next Level PDR Businesses.’ This session, led by PDR industry veterans Noah Hebert and Paul Kordon, provides an invaluable peek into the key business processes that can elevate your Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) business. From strategic marketing to seamless administration, Noah and Paul provide high-level insights into the core pillars of a successful PDR business. They’ll share their wealth of experience in the industry, emphasizing the ‘WHAT’ and ‘WHY’ processes of each pillar, and offering a taste of how to implement next-level processes in your own PDR business.

Sessions En Español

En Español

  • Como Elevar su Negocio a una Empresa Detailing Profesional

    Presented by Juan Gonzalez (All Season Detail)

    Los pasos a tomar para crear un negocio rentable, productivo y profesional. (How to Elevate your business to a Professional Detailing Company)

  • Como Generar Ingresos en Redes Sociales

    Presented by Mario Ardila (Autoelite)

    La Mayouria de los tecnicos del sistema PDR tienen muy buenos conocimientos en la tecnica, pero no utilizan las redes sociales a su favor. En este curso vas a entender como convetir la interaccion de tus clientes en ventas reales para tu negocio (How to generate income on Social Meda)

  • Detallado Profesional de Motocicletas, lo que Necesitas Saber

    Presented by Julie Jimenez (Biketailing)

    Todo lo básico que necesitas saber para detallar una moto de manera profesional y segura. Cómo desarrollar la empatía con los propietarios de motocicletas.

  • Establecer un Negocio de Detallado Móvil

    Presented by Aldo Alba (ASAP Auto Detailing)

    Establezca un negocio de detallado móvil exitoso y destaque por encima de sus competidores

  • ¿Por qué el Detallado de Motocicletas es una Nueva Oportunidad en la Industria?

    Presented by Roman Jimenez (Biketailing)

    Como detallista profesional, puede mejorar sus resultados agregando servicios de motocicletas a su negocio. Aprenda cómo obtener estos ingresos adicionales, cómo comercializar, cómo conectarse en red y conectarse con nuevos clientes. Interactúe con otros en la sesión para averiguar qué funciona y cómo aumentar sus ventas.

  • Profesionalismo = Éxito = Beneficios

    Presented by Rigo Santana (Xtreme Xcellence Detailing)

    Escuche cómo Rigo Santana describe su trayectoria como detallista a un profesional de IDA. Conozca su experiencia como detallista que trabajó en AirForce One, apariciones en televisión y ferias comerciales. Descubra cómo su relación con la comunidad hispana ha incrementado su negocio.