Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Business 101

  • Writing Your Business Plan 101

    Presented by Karl Stearns

    Harness the power of planning and turn business challenges into opportunities for growth.

  • Social Media 101

    Presented by Mary Toledo

    Learn The Social Media Landscape of the four platforms.

Detailing 101

  • Detailing 101 – How to Detail a Car for New Detailers

    Presented by Mike Phillips

    The tools and products you need to own and the techniques you need to master in order to turnout pro-quality work in and fast and efficient manner.

  • The Power of Uniqueness – Setting Yourself and Your Services Apart

    Presented by Robyn Sweet

    Insights and Practical tips on the concept of uniqueness and how it can be harnessed to set your detailing services apart from the competition.

PDR 101

  • PDR 101

    Presented by Tomas Stankevicius

    For up and coming PDR techs- learn what it takes to get into the business and find success.

  • Glue Pulling 101

    Presented by Gene Fetty

    The fundamental lessons you need to begin your journey to becoming a Gluru.