Are you starting a detailing or PDR business for the first time? We’ve teamed up with a few of our exhibitors to bring you the Introductory Education Series, a new set of free videos aimed at those just starting their journey. Stay tuned throughout the year for more!

PDR Content Presented by:

Session 11

Levi Gates from The Rag Company goes over the many different types of microfiber and their applications.

Session 10

Charles from Camauto describes his beginnings in auto body work that eventually led to opportunities in Glue-pulling.

Session 9

Richard from Leather Repair Company discusses the importance of having multiple resources and where to find them as a beginner working in leather repair.

Session 8

Tom from Learn PDR Online will walk you through steps you can take to help kick off your career as a PDR technician.

Session 7

Start Your Detailing Business with Easy To Use Kits from Dr. ColorChip, hosted by Tony Pando

Session 6

Quick Tips for PDR Beginners with Es Yaqub

Session 5

Your Network is your Net Worth with Kenya Williams

Session 4

Glue Pulling Preparation Steps with Danny Hacker

Session 3

The Power of One-Step Detailing with Robyn Sweet

Session 2

Why You Need a PDR Light with Carl Stuckey – Presented by Dent Source

Session 1

10 Fast Start Tips to Jump Start Your New Detailing Business with Davy Tyburski