Education Day – Thursday, February 4
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  • Bullet Proofing (Pandemic Proofing) your Business

    How has the pandemic changed your business? How has it affected your customers, your sales efforts and your employees? Join this session and get tips to manage your business in the “new” normal and grow with it. Speaker: Yvan LaCroix

  • Three Unique Ways to Grow Your Business

    We all know a lot of the standard things we are supposed to be doing in our business. Sales, marketing, customer follow-up, have a website, get reviews,etc. Some we do really well and some we can do better. Find out unique ways to create the life and business you want. Speaker: Cory Kleinfeldt, Coach Cory K

  • You Can Hire A Manager But You Can’t Hire An Owner

    There is a big difference in the responsibilities of someone that is the manager of a business and the individual who is the owner. Unfortunately, there are too many owners that have gotten ‘stuck’ in the position of being the manager or worse yet,being the best salesperson. An owner in this position has a business that is suffering from lack of direction and leadership. This session will provide guidance to separating the two and helping the owner to become THE owner. Speaker: Tom Shay

  • What Your Accountant Is Not Telling You

    You may get all the proper forms and taxes completed on time. You probably have never had your business audited with regard to any of the forms or tax returns you have submitted. Yet, there are many things that you should know about the accounting aspect of your business. Your accountant may know most of them, but to make sure, both of you have to be “on the same page”. This session will share 14 key aspects of financial management that you should be aware of. Speaker: Tom Shay

  • Strategies To Win in a Challenging Economy

    Yes, there is plenty of doom and gloom throughout all the media. And as the media interviews individuals and businesses, they can find plenty that are screaming, “The sky is falling”. We can’t change what thesepeople are saying, but we can control what happens in our business. During, “Strategies to Win in a Challenging Economy “, Tom will outline what to do, what not to do, and what to stop doing. Speaker: Tom Shay

  • Warranty Compliance, Just the Facts

    Peel back the curtain as experts shine a light on what is required for a warranty to be compliant. From the required CLIP, to individual state filing, to a reserve, to rules about documentation. There is so much that our industry is not aware of. Walk away with knowledge! Speaker: Dann Williams, Owner’s Pride/Custom Dealer Solutions


  • Glass Polishing

    This class will cover two types of glass polishing. 1: Topical Glass Polishing to remove water spots, drizzle stains and traffic film. 2: Sub-Surface Glass Polishing to remove wiper marks, scratches and pits. Speaker: Mike Phillips

  • Steam Cleaners and Hot Water Extractors for Cleaning & Disinfecting

    This class will cover how to use steam cleaners to both clean and disinfect car interiors as well as how to use hot water extractors on carpet and upholstery including machine scrubbing. Speaker: Mike Phillips

  • Detailing and Coating Wheels & Tires

    This class will cover how to use steam cleaners to both clean and disinfect car interiors. Speaker: Mike Phillips

  • Wet Sanding by Hand and Machine

    This class will cover how to wet sand by hand and machine all the way through the paint correction process and ceramic coatings. Speaker: Mike Phillips

  • Ceramic Coating – Lollapalooza 2021 – Try it Before you Buy it!

    In this class we’ll take a look at these 10 popular ceramic paint coatings: GTechniq CSL & EXO – GYEON MOHS – CQuarts UK 3.0 – P&S Double Black Renny Doyle SOLE Inspiration – 3D Ceramic Coating Kit – BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating BLACK EDITION – IGL Ecocoat Poly – Dr. Beasley’s Nano-Resin MX Kit – Wolfgang Über Ceramic Spray Coating – Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Ceramic Coating PRO. In the class AND at the Autogeek Booth you’re invited and encouraged to TRY THEM ALL! Speaker: Mike Phillips

  • How To Do High-Speed Production Detailing

    This class will cover how to do high quality one-step paint correction for daily drivers. Speaker: Mike Phillips


  • Chemical Technology to Boost Your Profits

    We will discuss the latest technologies in the detailing industry, and highlight which ones can turn into better revenue sources, which ones help cut expenses (labor), and which ones are a waste of your time. We will share information about new coating technologies, including graphene and high solids ceramic coatings, 100% inorganic paintwork correction gels (no more compounds and polishes), and new cleaning surfactants that leave a protective film. Not all technologies are beneficial. Learn about those that are misapplied to our industry and about others that are downright bogus, which can affect your bottom line. Speaker: Jim Lafeber, CD-SV, RT, Dr. Beasley’s Inc.

  • Proper Pad Care and Maintenance

    The intention of this educational seminar is to educate/advise on proper care and maintenance of all pad types foams, microfibers and wools. The seminar will cover care and maintenance of all pad types and will be advised from the time of purchase to knowing when its time to replace. The intention is to educate on how to get the maximum performance and durability (work time) from buffing pads. Maintenance will include how many pads to use per vehicle, when to change pads, how often to clean while buffing and when to clean for new job. We will also be discussing “best practices” on cleaning pads, differences and “tricks to the trade” on best ways to clean various types of pads. We hope that attendees leave with better knowledge of identifying the best ways to clean various types of pads, what processes will work best and “best practices” of getting the best performance and longevity from your buffing pads. Speakers: Clint Hintz, CD-SV, RT and Justin Labato, CD-SV, RT, Buff and Shine MFg. JL’s Showroom Detailing, Inc.

  • Equipping Your Shop the Right Way

    How to determine what equipment and tools you need to run your mobile, fixed or larger scale operation. Know what to buy, how to buy it and how to financially manage your purchases to leverage these assets to your advantage operationally and financially. Speaker: Keith Duplessie Details Plus CD-SV, MC, RT

  • The Wall

    Join John in this motivational seminar focused on identifying and overcoming the obstacles in your path. John will be touching on topics related to identifying challenges, chasing your dream, building self-confidence, positive and negative influences, the impact of being tapped into the IDA, and much more. Leaving 2020 behind and looking into a fresh year in 2021, you won’t want to miss this session! Speaker: John Corinella, CD-SV, American Detail Corp.


  • Current Market Trends for Selling

    What’s the number one thing needed for anyone that is selling something? You need their attention!! Come take a look at where customer’s attention has been over the past few years, current market trends and forward thinking maneuvers for Detailers to best use in their B2C & B2B marketing efforts. Speakers: Marshall Hill, Total Auto Solutions

  • Sell Your Used Equipment, Old Stock or Product Line on eBay

    Have used equipment that is taking up space in your shop, garage or storage unit? Do you have a product line and are looking for a venue to sell online or are you Interested in creating a side income that you can run right from your business? Discover how ebay can be a sales tool -on your mobile device, an overview of listing items, taking photos, pricing, and shipping tips. Speaker: Paul Apollonia

  • Sell Your Used Equipment, Old Stock or Product Line on Facebook Marketplace

    Learn to use Facebook Marketplace to sell used equipment that is taking up space in your shop, garage or storage unit, market a product line or creating a side income that you can run right from your business. Facebook MarketPlace is a serious competitor among online selling platforms, easy to use and sell. In this seminar you will get an introduction to Facebook MarketPlace, an overview of listing items, taking photos, shipping and selling tips. Speaker: Paul Apollonia

  • Discover the Difference A Little Marketing Can Do for You!

    Drive more of the “right” clients to your location while minimizing the low-paying tire ickers and time wasters. Here’s how to stop spending money on things that don’t work and spend the time and money on ideas that work! Speaker: Dave Streen, Don Kavanagh, Edgy Tools


  • OEM Procedures for the PDR Tech

    Find out the procedures for OEM paintless dent repair and learn how to implement them. Presented by NAPDRT Board of Directors.

  • Wide Directional Pushing and Tapping

    Here’s an innovative method to pushing dents out of metal. Learn how to use the least amount of pushes and tapping from an experienced technician and trainer. Speaker: Sal Contreras DentExpertTraining

  • Hail Estimating

    When you get a call for an estimate do you know how to respond? Find yourself either giving out an estimate that is too low or too high? In this session, you’ll come away with tips on how to ask the right questions to get the job done right.

  • TBD Presented by David Pinto, PDR Nation

  • Business Strategies

    There’s lots of information out there on business strategies, but here’s a chance to hear from your peers on the strategies that work in this new economy specifically for Paintless Dent Repair technicians. Come and share your concerns and walk away with solutions. Presented by NAPDRT Board of Directors

Product Knowledge

  • Maximizing the Griot’s Orbitals and BOSS System

    Get the most out of all Griot’s Orbital polishers, BOSS Pads and Creams to maximize their potential. Find out from the manufacturer how to break down the multiple combinations and explain how the system works. Speaker: Rod Kraft

  • Ardex New Products Review

    Check out the latest in Ceramic coatings, cleaners and soaps for the automotive and marine industries. Speaker: Shawn Rowan, Ardex Labs Inc.

  • Ardex New Products Review

    Check out the latest in Ceramic coatings, cleaners and soaps for the automotive and marine industries. Speaker: Shawn Rowan, Ardex Labs Inc.

  • Hot Box, Woyo, Big Dent Machine & Power PDR Box: What’s Right for You?

    Join this informational class and get your questions answered about these types of machines to decide if they’re right for you and if so which one is the right fit for your individual needs. Speaker: Ron Kronon

Product Knowledge

  • Big Damage GPR for the PDR Tech

    In this 2-hour course discover how to approach large damage repairs with today’s most advanced Glue Pull Repair system from Keco. Included will be tips on how to approach body lines, the advantages of GPR for large damage repair, an in depth explanation of the 6C process, and much more. Speaker: Brock Birky, KECO Products

Friday, February 5



  • How to Go from Mobile to Fixed Operations

    Corp Find out the back story of how this successful entrepreneur went from mobile to fixed location in 4 years. Even if you are not looking at it now, get a template for setting goals and executing them. Speaker: John Corinella, American Detail Corp

  • Don’t Kill your Golden Goose – Protect & Perpetuate Your Business

    Is your financial house in order? Discover the tools you can use to become invincible to lawsuits, save thousands in taxes, and achieve financial peace of mind.

  • Organizing for Efficiency

    Are you always trying to increase your productivity and profitability? Learn from an expert how to view everything from an efficiency (and therefore profitable) mindset. We’ll talk about shop/worktruck layout, training and even product selection to get the most value out of everything you do. Walk away with tips that will enhance your bottom line and your work/life balance. Speaker: Yvan LaCroix


  • Boat Detailing

    This class will show you how to machine sand to remove heavy oxidation plus boat correction and boat ceramic coatings. Speaker: Mike Phillips

  • Engine Detailing

    This class will cover two type of engine detailing. 1: Wet Wash Engine Detailing using engine degreasers. 2: Kosmetic Engine Detailing using APCs and Dressings. Speaker: Mike Phillips


Saturday, February 6


  • Understanding Boat Gelcoat & How to Restore it Properly

    Understand what makes restoring a boat’s gelcoat different than a car’s clear coat. Learn tips and tricks to improve productivity, reduce expenses, and increase your environmental compliance. This session will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the contrasts between car and boat detailing. Speaker: Ben Thompson, Mike Phillips, Joe Kraz


  • PDR – Pretty Damn Repetitive? Learn Body Mechanics, Breathing, Stretching and More

    Feeling the strain? Pro athletes are using Yoga and strengthening to help them – you can too! Discover correct postures and positions for pushing dents including Todd Zimmerman’s method for repairing hail roofs with only 2 fingers. Find out how certain leverage tools can ease the physicality of PDR. Speaker: David Streen Edgy Tools