Self-Unloading/Privately Owned Vehicles


POV’s are vehicles used to transport people such as cars, 1/2 ton pick-up trucks, vans, limos, and taxis. Box trucks no longer than 24’ in length and pick-up trucks pulling trailers under 12’ are also permitted to check in as POV’s. The vehicle must be unloaded/ loaded by full-time exhibitor personnel, by hand, or with the use of exhibitor-owned, non-motorized two-wheeled hand-carts. This does NOT include pallet jacks or motorized equipment of any type.

 POV’s must check in at the designated POV marshalling area at Show Site. Drivers must not leave the vehicle at any time; it is suggested that 2 persons accompany each POV.

POV’s may check-in during exhibitor move-in or move-out hours. A POV must be completely unloaded within 30 minutes of arrival at the loading dock area. Multiple trips are permitted as long as unloading is completed and the vehicle is removed from the loading dock area within 30 minutes.

  • POV space is available to all exhibitors who do not require our material handling assistance during move-in and move-out.
  • The use of motorized or mechanical equipment is not permitted to self load/unload a POV
  • If needed, empty storage and return will be provided at the prevailing time and material rates.

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