Wet Sanding 101 and Spot Repair – The Do’s and Don’t’s

To many in the detailing industry, wet sanding can be intimidating.  With knowledge and practice, individuals can add scratch repairs or large texture removal jobs to their business menu, achieve great ROI, and expand business services.  During this session, the presenters will cover the basics of entry level wet sanding, including the do’s and don’ts of wet sanding and how to do spot sanding to repair random defects or RIDS.  Learn how to practice and improve your process, tools to use to reduce risk and increase experience when wet sanding, where wet sanding can be applied to your business, when to avoid wet sanding and understanding sandpaper grit ratings and where each is applicable for them. 

Speakers:  David Patterson, CD-SV Lake Country Mfg, Jason Killmer

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