Tire Coatings vs Tire Dressings – Differences & Benefits

Tire Coatings are just as cool as paint coatings and paint coatings, they last longer too.  With a tire coating, you no longer have the problems of tire dressing sling.  The key is to know when to use a tire coating and when to stick with a tire dressing.  In this class you will learn the difference between tire coatings and tire dressings.  You will also see LIVE how to prep and install a tire coating.  The prep process is key, and the results will blow you and your customers away!  You will also learn how to determine which customers and tires are a good match for a tire coating.  Most important, you will learn how to educate your customer as to what a tire coating is and then how to correctly maintain the tire coating for maximum longevity and that deep dark black look everyone loves.  Besides all of this, you will also learn how to avoid making any mistakes that can be time-killers and how to ensure your success for happy customers.  Use tire coatings as an add-on to any detailing package to increase the profitability of any detail job.

Speaker:  Mike Phillips, AutoGeek

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