Short Stroke vs Long Stroke Orbital Polishers – Differences & Benefits

Some people say long stroke is the best.  Some people say short stroke is the best.  The reality is, there’s a time, place and best application for both long and short stroke polishers.  In this class you learn the differences in both types and the benefits for both types plus finally figure out which type is best for you.  If you’re just starting out – choosing the wrong tool wastes not only time, but money in the added costs of pads and products.  Generally speaking, while there is something to be said that the more you spend the faster you can detail, there is also something to be said for a low cost tool that can get the job done and get the job done just as well and just as fast.  Come to this class to find out.

Speakers:  Dave Patterson, Lake Country Mfg, Mike Phillips, AutoGeek

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