How Modern Detailers Use Technology to Make More Money

Detailing has traditionally used the sandwich board approach to pricing. The customer picks the package they want and the corresponding price is charged regardless of what the vehicle looks (or smells) like. On almost every job, significant revenue is left on the table when unique variables aren’t accounted for and when customers feel like they can negotiate. Mobile Tech RX is the first company to solve this problem for the detailing industry. Using brand new estimating technology, Mobile Tech RX gives each detailer the power to charge more and negotiate less with just their phone. We’ve proved the technology works in PDR and are giving ambitious detailers the chance to be the first to use our new tool before their competition catches up. Attend this session to see exactly how the technology works so you can get started making more money and working more efficiently.

Speakers: Eric Garves, CEO, Sean Harvey, CRO, Matt McAllister, CMO, Mobile Tech RX

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