How to Chemically Strip Paint and Install Ceramic Paint Coating PLUS How to Properly Maintain a Ceramic Coated Vehicle

There is a LOT of confusing on the correct way to chemically strip urethane clearcoats and even urethan single stage paints.  There’s even more confusion on how to correctly install a ceramic paint coating.  This class will not only clear-up all the confusion, but it will also take all the mystery out of the process.  You will learn how simple the coating process should be so you can decrease wasted time, work faster and at the end of the day, make higher profits per hour.  You will also learn the secret to avoiding mistakes to get it right the first time.  PLUS – the MOST IMPORANT tool you need no matter what brand of coating you install.

This class will also show you the bubba-proof, common sense way to wash a ceramic coated car using a simple process that you can share with all your customers to protect and preserve your hard work while educating your customer so they don’t put swirls and scratches back into their freshly coated car.  Keep your customers happy while protecting your reputation and professional business image.

Speaker: Mike Phillips, AutoGeek

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