Ceramic Paint Coating: Chemicals, AIOs vs Compounds, Maintenance: Differences & Benefits

Coatings, coatings coatings!!!  Everyone is talking coatings.  The rage is all coatings!  BUT – if you own a detailing business or are starting a detailing business you MUST offer multiple detailing packages to match your different types of customers and their different types of cars.  And ONE of those packages needs to include a great AIO package. In this class you will learn when to sell a coating package and when to sell an AIO package.  You will also learn the most IMPORTANT question to ask and the FIRST question to ask any potential customer.  Their answer will tell you which package is right for them.  Matching the right package to each customer is key to decreasing wasted time and maximizing profits.  And it’s as simple as asking the right first question.

Speaker:  Mike Phillips, AutoGeek

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