Boat Detailing – Wetsanding, Correction, Chemical Stripping & Installing a Ceramic Coating

In this class you will learn the fastest techniques for removing DEEP oxidation via machine wetsanding followed by how to remove 100% of your sanding marks and restore a swirl-free, show car finish to a boat gel-coats.  Then you’ll learn the correct techniques to chemically strip the gel-coat and install a ceramic coating.  Most important – you will learn how to remove most of the GRUNT work out of the process, which also means dramatically reducing time and sore muscles.  This means less work, less time and more profit.  PLUS – removing deep oxidation means better results that last longer.  Sealing with a ceramic coating means the oxidation stays away longer and the results last longer, this means happy customers and increased word-of-mouth advertising.

Speaker: Mike Phillips, AutoGeek

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