Keynote Address with Renny Doyle

For 38 years, Renny Doyle has owned and operated detailing shops and training centers, but it wasn’t until the late 1990s that Detailing Success really took off after many years of studying the industry and making educated decisions about how to be profitable.

Renny has been called upon to use his expertise on some of the world’s rarest and most expensive vehicles. While detailing skills play an active part in his success, his business skills are the true driver to his success. That success is what he wants to share with you!

In addition to helping his students perfect their precision skills, Renny addresses the most common problems detailers face in their local markets. He shows you how to improve your skill level while getting paid on a level equal with that skill; learn the difference between over-the-counter and professional-grade products and equipment; and how that warrants a higher level of service for your customers.

Renny also teaches detailers how to add ancillary services to their service offering, and how to upsell those services for profit.

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