Mobile Tech Expo – Las Vegas

Returning to the South Point

August 27-29, 2020

South Point Hotel & Casino

MTE Las Vegas Lives on the Strip!

  • Everything Under One Roof:
    Show, Hotel, Bars, Restaurants, and more!
  • Luxury Resort on Las Vegas Boulevard
  • Fitness Center and Spa open Daily
  • Business Center
  • Arcade
  • Pool & Hot Tub
  • Barber Shop
  • Bowling
  • Movie Theater

Friday Keynote with Renny Doyle

September 6 | 8:30AM

For 38 years, Renny Doyle has owned and operated detailing shops and training centers, but it wasn’t until the late 1990s that Detailing Success really took off after many years of studying the industry and making educated decisions about how to be profitable.

Renny has been called upon to use his expertise on some of the world’s rarest and most expensive vehicles. While detailing skills play an active part in his success, his business skills are the true driver to his success. That success is what he wants to share with you!

In addition to helping his students perfect their precision skills, Renny addresses the most common problems detailers face in their local markets. He shows you how to improve your skill level while getting paid on a level equal with that skill; learn the difference between over-the-counter and professional-grade products and equipment; and how that warrants a higher level of service for your customers.

Renny also teaches detailers how to add ancillary services to their service offering, and how to upsell those services for profit.

Vegas Dent Trials

Flex Your PDR Skills at MTE Las Vegas

The Vegas Dent Trials is a brand new Dent Competition made for Mobile Tech Expo – Las Vegas! This unique competition is a triathlon that will test even the most skill technician.

Contestants will have to repair the following three dents:

  • Crease Dent in fenders
  • Round Dent in doors
  • Glue Pull Dent on rails


  • Contestants are only allowed to complete one of each type of dent.
  • Contestants will have 90 minutes to complete all 3 dents
  • Judges will assess dent repairs based on: quality of the repair, timeliness of the repair, and professionalism of the competitor
  • Contestants must sign up for a time slot in advance. Not showing up to your chosen time slot will result in instant disqualification. No refunds. No Exception.

Demo Theater

Showcase and Promote your Products

The Demo Area returns to Mobile Tech Expo! This exclusive area allows you to showcase and promote your products to everyone on the show floor. Each demonstration is an hour long and promotions about your demonstration are included!

Included in your demonstration:

  • Electrical
  • Pop-up banner near demo area stage for the run of the show
  • Online promotions including website schedule and email updates
  • Social media announcements
  • PA Announcement during the show informing everyone in the hall about your demonstration
  • New Product Entry near demo area

Sign-ups are on a first come first served basis!

Tool Time

The all-new Tool Time area is an interactive, hands-on experience on the show floor
where attendees have the chance to try out your products before purchasing.

Drop off one of your products at the start of the show and our expert attendants will ensure attendees are using your tools correctly.

Sign up today! Entry is FREE this year only!

EV and Hybrid Safety

IMI Hybrid EV Safety Qualification

Applicants who wish to undertake their I.M.I. Level 2 certification, will need the desire to understand the skills in order to implement requirements to follow manufactures’ procedures in order to make the vehicle safe to work on. This is an involved course which requires the candidate to be physically able and not have a pacemaker or other health devices. Candidates will be in a classroom like setting for approximately 3 hours, followed by a written test and physical power-down of a vehicle in order to complete the certification.  Level 1 is not necessary in order to complete level 2.


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