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A Comprehensive Web Marketing Training Program

January 10, 2019
1:00 PM  -  5:00 PM

Join this workshop and learn the latest in low-cost and no-cost digital marketing solutions for the Mobile Tech Industry. You already have a full-time job keeping up with your customers, let our speakers help you with time-saving tools on the go to keep your existing customers hiring you, gain more new customers, and make more money! As the session is usually standing room only, be sure to arrive early to get a good seat and submit questions and specific challenges you are facing with your online marketing for us to assist you with. This four-hour training will include both your ground game and your web marketing approach, including the latest in referral marketing, Social Media, Business Listings, reviews, increasing your online ratings, live and recorded video, and much more. Learn how to use paid ads to get you maximum results from Google, Facebook & Instagram. Integrated to the training, the latest mobile apps, tech tools, and tips will help you save money, make more money and be more effective. This class is being facilitated by three experienced marketing leaders that will assist you in growing your business–even including how to develop a supplemental income stream through online stores “while you sleep.” For those who attend the class, you will leave with a certificate of completion, an enhanced marketing plan you can easily integrate into your already busy life, and have access into free real-time resources to support your success all year long. Sign up today!

Co-Speakers: Paul Apollonia & Robin Werling

Session Category :  Digital Marketing